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Should I Be Drinking Coffee While Trying to Conceive?

Hello, This is Lisa Hardin with pregnancy by faith.

On today's blog, we are going to talk about caffeine consumption its effect on fertility and pregnancy.

I don’t know about you, but I love coffee! The first thing I want when I wake up is a nice, warm cup of coffee, (with lots of creamer) especially on cold, chilly mornings. I usually only drink one, sometimes two cups of coffee a day, but I have always wondered if there was any harm in drinking coffee, especially while trying to conceive, and being pregnant.

As I was doing some research, I found out that the average amount of coffee one has each day is 3 cups of coffee. To most 3 cups doesn’t sound like a lot, but what about for a woman TTC? Can caffeine harm an unborn baby? Most doctors will say that it is safe to drink coffee while being pregnant, although they usually recommend using decaf especially during the first trimester. They do recommend that you limit your amount because too much caffeine can be known to cause problems with the placenta. What can happen is that the growing baby’s bloodstream can not break down the caffeine so it remains in their circulation and can lead to lower birth weight. It has also been noted that in some cases, too much caffeine can even cause a miscarriage. There definitely has not be a lot of research and cases when it comes to overall fertility and coffee or caffeine but it is recommended to only drink 200 milligrams daily, which equals one cup of coffee daily.

If too much caffeine can make us jittery as adults, why not be safe and limit what we drink while waiting on our miracles. 9 months isn’t too long to wait , especially for the miracle that we will hold in our hands at the end of those months.

A great alternative to coffee would be switching over to tea for the first couple of months. Just make sure to read all labels because some teas, green tea, for example, do still have some caffeine in it.

One tea that I have been reading and hearing a lot about is called Rooibos. It is caffeine free and loaded with all kinds of antioxidants and is also said to taste great, which is a huge plus! This tea is available on amazon and did have some great reviews ! Also check with your primary physicians before trying anything new esp. if pregnant already or on any medication.

I hope we all were able to learn a little something new today! Be blessed and fruitful in Jesus name!


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