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Powerful Prayers To  Conceive

Get on target with your prayers. Develop a prayer strategy and remove the oppression of the enemy. As children of God, we can use our authority to fully walk into the blessings of God.

I went through a 7 year infertility experience, having multiple miscarriages. It was the most painful and devastating time of my life. After waiting almost a decade, it didn’t look like having a child was ever going to happen. I kept believing God for a turnaround, then one day my whole life changed. He healed me. All glory, honor and praise be to God for not just blessing me with 1 miracle baby, but 4 miracle babies. Prayer changes things!!

~Pregnancy By Faith Founder Andrea Scott~



I wrote these books for the women 
of God whose on the ttc journey trusting God 
for their very own testimony

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30 Days of Prayers While Trying To Conceive

Speak and confess powerful fertility prayers over your body while you are on your journey to becoming a mother. As you say these prayers, you are speaking God's Holy word into your body. These words of life and healing will empower and encourage you while on your journey to becoming a mother.

60 Powerful Decrees To Confess Over The Womb

These decrees and confessions will give you the language to shoot ammunition against any demonic forces that are bringing opposition upon your womb. Imagine having a sword in your hand and severing the head of every strongman spirit that has been standing in the way of what God has promised you. This guide is a tool to help you effectively conduct warfare so that you can take back what is rightfully yours.

Bible Promises for Fertility

Helpful scriptures directly from the word of God that help guide you on your journey to motherhood. This e-book is a great resource for those who need a Godly go-to while on their fertility journey. You'll find scriptures for specific concerns that arise while trying to conceive, such as, strength while waiting, scriptures to pray when I finally conceive, pregnancy loss, unshakeable faith, physical healing, casting fear down, marriage and more.

30 Days of Prayers For The Woman of God

This e-book will assist God's daughters in their pursuit to become powerful vessels by way of prayer. These daily prayers are written for the women of God who are purpose driven, kingdom minded, spiritually mature and ready to be set apart for God's glory. This book is the perfect devotional for the virtuous woman that desires every facet of her life to be pleasing and honorable unto God. Each prayer in this book addresses topics that are essential to the heart of the woman of God. You'll learn how to pray into specific areas of your life where you desire to see growth, wisdom, direction, revelation and change. 

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