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Happy Mother's Day

Families In Need Program

Welcome to our Families In Need Program.

Families In Need Program was created to help provide temporary financial assistance to familes, and single parents who have a qualifiying child between the ages of 0 to 15 months of age.

We're extending a helping hand to those who are facing financial hardship, loss of job, decrease in wages, or decrease in benefits. In life, sometimes there are things that occur beyond our control which can effect our ability to pay bills, buy groceries and/or essential items that are needed to take care of your child.

You may qualify to receive assistance in the amount of $40 to $150.00.

*Families/Single parents who receive this money will not have to pay the money back. This is a free financial gift from the supporters and givers of Pregnancy By Faith Ministry.

*This program is only open to to US residents. We do not send funds through money gram or western union. We do not mail checks. 

*We will review your application and notify you in 24 to 72 hours if your request for funds has been approved or denied. 

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Families In Need In-Take Form
How much assistance are you applying for?

Application received! Your application doesn't guarantee that you will be granted the funds. The amount that you're approved for depends on how much funds are available for distribution during the time you applied and the need at hand.

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