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Pregnancy Testimonies

“You prayed for me two years ago…I have chills as I am writing this.  But I remember specifically your husband mentioning that God was telling him I would have my baby and it might not be twins but I would have my baby.  I hadn’t told you that I wanted twins, so that really stood out to me.  Attached is the picture of my 3 month old twin boys Noah Kyle and Collin Michael born September 24 @36 weeks and 3 days. I had no complications during pregnancy or delivery!! I give all praises to God!! I know this would not be possible of not for my faith in Him!!.”

~Termina White~


"Hi Andrea, I watched the video prayer for supernatural conception and amazingly I’m about 7 weeks pregnant now. God is good!!! Thank you so much for helping me renew my faith. I have a prayer request could you pray for my pregnancy that I don’t get preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome or any complication this time I had it with my first baby and sadly she did not make it. Thank you so much.



Dear Sister Andrea Scott,


Good Day!!!Thank you so much for your prayers Helen, my wife is pregnant after a month agreeing your prayers for us. Continue your ministry sister, We are so much blessed. Continue praying for us for a healthy mother and baby. God bless your ministry, God bless,

Your brother and sister in Christ,Saturnino & Helen Aguban



Amanda & Ryan Lucas Video Testimony


Hello Pastor Andrea,


   My name is Leela Jones and about 3 months ago you were kind enough to create a personal prayer for me to help me in my journey in having kids. Today I wish to thank you once again because The Lord has blessed me and I am now pregnant with twins. I guess that The Lord has blessed me with double for my troubles;) thank you once more and I will continue to rejoice the name of our lord forever.


 Thanks again , and praying for a safe and sound delivery .


 Leela Jones


It has been a long time since I last spoke to you on the telephone. I do not know if you remember me but I called you about two years ago for prayer from viewing your YouTube Channel. We spoke several times on the telephone and you prayed for me each time. God performed a miracle in my life in 2013 when I got pregnant with my daughter. I just had my baby this month in January. I give God all the Praise, Glory, and Honor for what he has done in my life. I know God is doing miracles for his people if only we continue to put our faith in him. I left my stressful job in January 2013 and God has made supernatural provisions for my household despite I am not working at this time. God is truly amazing and it is all about his timing. I viewed your recent YouTube video and I am happy for your baby that is on the way. Congratulations! 


Dear Sister Andrea Scott,


Good Day!!!Thank you so much for your prayers Helen, my wife is pregnant after a month agreeing your prayers for us. Continue your ministry sister, We are so much blessed. Continue praying for us for a healthy mother and baby. God bless your ministry, God bless,

Your brother and sister in Christ, Saturnino & Helen Aguban

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Menstruation Testimonies

Good evening, and a very warm God bless you,


Hello, to my wonderful extended family, The Scotts. Yes you'll are very special and inspiring to my husband and I.  It is with great admiration and love that I write this email. Mrs.Andrea, it has only been 9 days since you and your awesome husband Mr. Peter prayed for me. I know that, I know that, I know God is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we could ask or think". After our telephone prayer for divine healing. Jehovah God has opened up my womb. I am now experiencing a full menstruation, (praise the Lord) that have been absent since August of last year. God, has taken away every circumstance that was hindering me from conceiving. And I know that its just a matter of time before I will contact you with my BFP report. I've held on to the verse that you gave me Isaiah 43:19. And every day and night confess my healing. For his word says we are free by "the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony." In Jesus Christ name. We just had to let you know, and I'm sure that if God has done this for us, he WILL do it for every woman who is hoping to conceive.That's going to conceive!!! All you have to do is just believe!  Thank you, Joan.  Blessing upon your household, nothing lacking, nothing missing, nothing broken...... Take care, we love you!




‎Praise God.  I listened to your audio prayer yesterday and you specifically prayed that someone's period should come down. Am sure it was dropped in your spirit because you said that this prayer was not for everyone but for a specific person. I keyed to it, because I don't see my period expect induced. The last one I induced made me bleed for over 1 month until I stopped it with Progesterone. While the prayer was going on. I held unto that word so much but was telling God I didn't want any period till the next 10months. This morning, my period came. I wanted to get angry but my spirit was lifted because I believe the creative hands of God Is working in me and my miracle is so sure. I just went to check when my due date will be because after this period I will be PREGNANT. I was so glad because this period came flowing normal unlike what my period is known for. I have been confessing God's word. I will share more testimonies with you. Thanks and stay blessed. Thanks for replying me speedily.




Good Morning Mighty Woman of God,


I must share with you the first part of this miracle BREAKTHROUGH after our prayer yesterday afternoon. 

Here is what happen as I listened to your specific prayer for me before going to bed last night. 

I placed my hands on my stomach. Soon I felt a pressing on my body from the collar bone to my pelvic. Then I felt a pop on my left ovary and a warm substance flowing. I knew immediately that my reproductive system was being healed and aligned with the prayer. Andrea, I know God heard your prayer. I want you to know the miraculous is occurring and the best is yet to come. The work of The Lord is working in and through you to those whom you minister to. Truly Matthew 18:19 came alive, "...,if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven."


Lord, I give You all the glory. You alone are worthy to be praised. I look forward to Your blessing - my promise child. 


Grateful Hearts


Pregnancy After A Stillbirth!!!

Pelvic inflammatory Disease Healed!!!

4 Years TTC!!!

Conceived 2 Months After Prayer

Andrea, Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Dear sister I ma writing to you to share with you what the Lord Has done, I said to myself that I will testify when the Lord does this

I called you for a prayer request on the February of this year after seeing the testimonies of other ladies on your website online I decided t put my faith and come in agreement with you. You prayed for me we agreed for me to conceive, Hallelujah!! Yes I did conceive two months after and I am now 4 months pregnant Glory to the Almighty God. I know I will have a smooth and easy delivery in Jesus Name


Harrieth Adram


Conceived 3 Months After Prayer


Hi Pastor Andrea,

I sent you a message on 11th of March about my struggle with ovarian cyst and endometriosis. On the 12th of March, I called and you and your husband prayed for and with me and helped me believe again. I had been through several emotional roller coasters as the zoladex shots I had after surgery put me in a temporal menopause state. On the 26th of June, I reluctantly did a home pregnancy test as I haven't been feeling too well over the past few weeks. (Honestly, I didn't expect much as I haven't seen my period since February as I had been on zoladex shots until April). To my utter amazement, it was positive. I went to do a scan the next day as I was still in shock. Lo and behold, the pregnancy was confirmed. 
Ever since I found out I've been through a myriad of feelings; joy, anxiety, fear and so on. Please pray for protection and healthy development for this baby(ies). Please pray for my body to function properly and carry this blessing. Please pray against miscarriage and for me ro overcome the spirit of fear that something will go wrong. Please pray that I and any other wonderful woman out there will not cast ourfruits before their time (our babies).


N. Hammond 



A pleasant good morning to you sis Andrea and your husband, I'm writing you to tell you i am pregnant glory be to God in the highhess,I'm asking for your continued prayers over myself and baby that God see us through. Thanks again for your prayers.


Angela Richards


Hi Andrea, 


I write to share my testimony with my faith in Christ Jesus as I stand on His promises in Zechariah ‎8:12. He has blessed us in full measure and my husband and I declare  it is permanent ! Am about six weeks pregnant! Hallelujah!! He's risen indeed and has made all my irregularities regular!!! I had prayed to God for a miracle of a seed of life in March to have a baby by December( you know the significance of these months) I was heartbroken when I saw my period early in March and had started IVF and adoption process( adoption was going through really quickly) just then before Easter you shared a prayer with me and other ladies waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, that renewed our belief and strengthened  my faith in God Almighty again. He sure does not share His glory with any man, we had our plans towards parenthood but He had His own beautiful and greater plans for us. He came through and showed His prominence by changing our story to testimony,our title from 'childless' to parents and blocked tubes/fibroid report to a viable pregnancy report . We pray God bless you and renew your strength on all levels as you've made standing in the gap in prayers with others an uplifting ministry, where a lot of women or families can relate to fertility issues and the importance of our faith in God Almighty also the very possibility of His divine intervention even when health reports spell doom. I pray for you and ministry today the prayer of Jabez- May you be richly blessed and may you and yours enjoy boundless joy that surpass human understanding. 

May God continue to use your ministry to bring people closer to His word.


May His name be exalted forever!



Mlumun and Stewart


From: Tracy Jahn 04/14/2016
I prayed this prayer with you and anointed my belly with frankincense oil at the beginning of March. I had a positive pregnancy test last week. I firmly believe that this prayer is full of power and anointing l when prayed in faith. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. Last month I quit all the ovulation tests and supplements and put my faith in the author of life. I prayed expecting to receive. Thank you for this prayer, thank you for your ministry and thank you for listening to the Lord! God bless you!!


Hi Andrea!

I have great news. I have discovered that I am expecting again 😊 🙌🙏. I just found out last Thursday, March 17, which was my due date of the baby that I miscarried. How is THAT for God's timing??!! 🙌. I was afraid that I would get my period on that date and I prayed to God that no matter what His plan was, that I would accept it no matter what. To my surprise I waited all day for my period, and it never came 🙌😀!!I am still very early in this pregnancy, maybe only a few weeks. Could you please help me to pray for this baby and against miscarriage or problems.I really appreciate your support!God bless you and your family.Tania



Hello Peter and Andrea Scott!

You all prayed for my husband and I on a skype conference call in February before we got to meet you in person at the Fertilizing Your Faith Conference. One of the things that we kept hearing was "It Is Finished." The song "Miracle with your name on it" by Tasha Cobbs was a song that you all encouraged us to listen to. We want to say thank you for your prayers! We are now expecting our first child as I am 7 weeks! Prayers of the righteous availeth much! 07-30-2016

~Airreia Pierce~


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