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YOUTUBE VIEWER PREGNANT AFTER BEING MARRIED FOR 10 YEARS AND TTC FOR 7 YEARS. She reports watching our video here and conceiving 3 weeks later

Twin Pregnancy Testimony! This child of God shares how our Youtube channel video titled "Prayer to Get Healed of Fibroids and Tumors" helped her overcome infertility. We praise God for this work of healing in her.

TTC for 9 years. Pregnant After 1 Month. Deliverance Is The Answer! Get What God Has For You.

Pregnancy Testimony and Fibroid's Healed

YouTube Pregnancy Testimony. One of our followers prayed earnestly along with our prayer videos day and night and got pregnant 2 months later. Praise the Lord. Let's all celebrate with this lady.

Heike had been trying to conceive and testifies that she conceived the same month after listening to our YouTube Prayers. Her husband had a sterilization so they knew they needed a miracle from God. They now have a 8 week old miracle baby boy named David. Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible. Video of Heike's Miracle Baby David

David at 9 Months Old

Clair Murrell beautiful miracle baby. ELIANA means my God has answered. Miracle baby born after 7 miscarriages. Clair contacted Pregnancy By Faith after having repeated pregnancy loss. Similar to the other pregnancies she started having signs of losing her baby but we prayed in the name of Jesus, commanding demons that cause miscarriages to go. She started undergoing deliverance almost immediately. The spirits began to manifest and I commanded them to leave! Soon after our prayer she said miscarriage symptoms of bleeding had stopped. A few weeks past and she returned to me with threatened miscarriage so I prayed with her again taking authority over the enemy. The Lord healed her. Here are the pictures of her newborn ELIANA means my God has answered. Clair gives all the glory to God for leading her to Andrea Scott.

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