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5 Tips for Healthy Marriage | By Ebony Evans

Today I’ll be sharing (in my opinion) a few helpful tips to maintain a healthy marriage.

1. Embrace a fresh start each morning.

Leave the past in the past and let every day be a clean slate between you and your spouse. Even if your spouse said something mean or did something aggravating, forgive your partner for what happened yesterday. Start each morning fresh.

2. Be empathetic.

Empathy is one of the keys to a genuinely happy marriage. Couples should have empathy for one another because it helps you take step back to take a look at things from your spouse’s perspective rather than judge.

3. Ask for support when you need it.

Your spouse is not a mind reader and it’s unfair to assume that they will know you have an issue with something if you haven’t sat down and communicated it with them. You should make your needs known so that some resolution may be worked out.

4. Give your spouse your undivided attention.

When your spouse is communicating with you, you should stop what you’re doing to engage and be present. If you are not able to stop wha

t you’re doing at the time ask them if they would like to set aside some time to revisit the conversation. This will make your spouse feel valued

5. And spend some quality time apart, too.

If you want your marriage to be successful, you have to understand the need for time apart. I remember I used to judge others who would say this because I never felt the need to be apart from my spouse, however, after almost 15 years of marriage I full understand how having hobbies and friends outside of one's marriage is key to having high satisfaction inside the marriage as well.

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Margret Brown
Margret Brown
May 28, 2022

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