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Lord My Faith Is Dying

Hello Mighty Women of God! Sometimes we can't see how or when God is going to give us the fruit of the womb but there is something in us that won't allow the desire to just completely go away. We all have had moments of doubt, unbelief and uncertainty. As time goes by it might seem harder to keep faith afloat. There is someone out there who has been through exactly what you are facing right now and now they are experiencing the joy of having a baby of their own. The journey was hard. It looked like all odds were against them but God came through. Have you ever wondered how you can maintain your faith while trying to conceive? Here are some tips below.

  • Find testimonies of other women and couples who have gone through similar fertility issues as yourself.

  • Read the stories of women in the bible who were barren and then God opened their womb.

  • Join a prayer community that will support you and offer resources while on your journey to conceive.

  • Pray in the Holy Spirit over your womb daily.

  • In your prayer time, begin to call out the name of your baby and visualize yourself being pregnant.

  • Have an anointed person decree and pray over your fertility.

  • Call it forth.... Call forth the spirit of life to come upon you so that you can bear fruit.

  • Don't speak any negative words about yourself concerning your fertility.

  • Command feelings of doubt, unbelief, depression, despair, sorrow and disappointment to leave your life.

  • Make the sacrifice of praise. Fight back with praise unto God. Use praise as your weapon when you start getting overwhelmed and fearful that it's not going to happen. Praises charge the atmosphere and angels come on the scene. Praise releases the anointing causing the spirit of God to come in. Ignite your faith with praise.



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