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Prayerlessness Hinders Progress

Happy New Year Fruitful Women! Welcome to 2021.

If you have been following us on social media then you're up-to-date on what God has been speaking to us about this new year. I am going to share with you here what he has placed in our hearts for the body of Christ.

Start this new year out with faith in your heart and unbelief under your feet. The enemy has been attacking so many believers with doubt, fear and unbelief telling them that this year is going to look just like last year. Satan has been releasing words and thoughts that say don't even try this year, why even put yourself through all that again, just give up, move on with your life, quit, you shouldn't serve God anymore - what's the point. All that rubbish just confirms that your father has some amazing breakthroughs in store for you and the enemy wants you to forfeit your blessings. God is always on time whether you believe it or not. Everything that he is going to release in your life this year will be well worth everything that you had to go through. During my season of infertility it looked like it was never going to happen. Disappointment after disappointment every single month. I despised aunt flo. Many times, I wondered if I'd ever have a baby. I would wake up many mornings being disgusted that we still didn't have any children yet. I would look at my husband like why are you still even married to me. Then one day finally, finally, finally my whole word changed. We now have 3 healthy boys. God was faithful to his promise.

I said all that to encourage you woman of God. God is faithful and he has given you all the resources and tools that you need to win in life and to overcome spiritual battles. My inability to conceive without miscarrying was a spiritual battle. For some of you your fertility issues could be a spiritual aspect of your life that needs attention. After first it was hard for me to conceive then it was hard to overcome pregnancy loss. Jeez! What God is saying is that he realizes the struggles of last year. This year we are to approach our desires with faith, hope and trust in who he is his even amongst the most difficult situations. We must get a grip of the unbelief and keep it crucified. Don't allow unbelief to be the very thing that the enemy can hold on to.

Your prayer life should be even stronger this year, your word life and worship life should be greater than the former year. Woman of God every year you are to grow higher in authority and stronger in your anointing. You need that anointing to become strong so that yokes will be destroyed. This comes by having a strong solid prayer life and by not dropping your crown when things don't turn out how you desired. Angels in heaven are waiting for your words, actions and attitude to line up with the word of God. As a woman believing to conceive you can be moved by the sight of a negative pregnancy test and drop your prayer life, halt your spiritual warfare prayers, and decrease your intimacy with the Lord. No matter what you see in front of you your father wants you to be fully persuaded that he is able to perform the miracle for you.

There is a reward in faithfulness. What you do in secret God will reward you openly. Prayerlessness is our enemy that will keep us from progressing. Satan laughs at Christians who have a weak prayer life because those individuals lack in power. Be faithful in prayer. Be faithful in serving others with kindness. Be faithful as wife. Be faithful as a leader. Wherever God has placed you do your best. With this kind of character comes promotion and rewards. God's hand is ready to move on your behalf. The angels are in position to carry out what you speak. Don't ever drop your crown again due to unbelief. Repent and move forward. Try again.

During the times when you start feeling defeated start praying or praising. The more the enemy hits you the more you praise. When he shoots, you shoot back! Don't accept his negativity. Do not eat at the enemies table. There have been times when I really needed God to come through for me supernaturally and it didn't get released until I got intentional about taking what is rightfully mines. The thing you want from God you can have it. Your faith can get the job done. All things are possible to them that believe.

During this season I have learned so much about spiritual warfare and deliverance. I have be able to witness some phenomenal things take place. I have discovered prayer strategies and spiritual warfare techniques that can help men and women experience freedom from the strongman who often contributes to infertility called Spiritual Husband/Wife. 9 out of 10 women get attacked in some form from sex demons like these. Check out my resources below and know that your reward is coming and you will obtain victory.


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