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It Is Well

Like the woman in the Bible whose child was seemingly dead, I choose to say “It is well! ( 2 Kings 4:26)”

Now, you might ask….how is this possible? How does this story even make sense? Well in a nutshell, a Shunammite woman in the Bible was promised a child by the prophet Elisha and she did conceive and give birth to the child. However, the child fell ill suddenly one day and passed away (2 Kings 4 8-37). There is no record in the Bible indicating that this woman cried, murmured or reacted out of sheer emotions, but she believed God for the best. She put all her faith and trust in the outcome that it is well. Not that it will be well, or it can be well, but it IS well. Wow what a revelation! Another critical aspect of this story is that for her to react in this manner, she was responding to a barrage of questions that were thrown her way and instead of complaining or weeping or even stating the obvious that her son had just passed, she responded by saying “it is well.”

How many of us are going through life not believing that it is already well with us?

Sudden disappointment, hardship and even a fractured relationship with God can shake our faith and cause us to believe the lies of the enemy. I wonder if this woman’s story would have turned out otherwise if she actually gave in to her human emotions and wept uncontrollably or complained about her situation to everyone she met. Instead she took action, and sought out Elisha to come and raise the child from his death. What a testimony! Like this woman we need to run to the feet of Jesus when life takes a turn for the worse.

Even as we go traverse the road of fertility, it can seem bumpy, we may run into persons who may not have the same faith as us or may not understand why is it taking so long, or when are you going to have a baby or any other barrage of questions they may throw at you, we have to continue believing it is well.

It may seem hard….trust me, I know. Especially in the midst of losses or difficulties. But I challenge you today to find a new way of thinking in your situation. For example, if you are in your two week wait, do not become consumed with testing everyday. If you feel twinges in your lower abdomen or sore breasts, do not get overwhelmed with possible pregnancy symptoms. When your mind starts to wonder, go and do something you enjoy. God also promises us that he will give us perfect peace, if we keep our mind meditated on him (Isaiah 26.3). Oh what a beautiful promise! If we just focus on God, by reading his word daily and doing things that glorify him and bring us joy, we will see our anxieties and worries simply fade into the background.

Another avenue of great relief is gratitude. A grateful heart can soothe so much anxiety. Think of it this way….if your heart is consumed with gratitude for what God has already given you, you will have no problem declaring “it is well” because you will be able to recognize God’s continued faithfulness, love and devotion to you in all areas, so you would know that your fertility journey as well as all areas of your life are important to him. Psalm 52.9 tells us “for what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in Your name, for Your name is good.” This scripture shows that when we are able to shift our attitude to a spirit of gratitude we are naturally able to place our complete hope in God so that we will never waiver. Even when the test is negative month after month, or the doctor says there is no heartbeat, or we start to bleed….our faith should be so rooted in God that we can feel his gentle nudging, reminding us of his eternal peace and that all is well.



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