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Peter & Andrea Scott would like to welcome you to our Pregnancy By Faith website.  Along the way we have had the privilege of praying, exhorting, teaching and releasing healing into the lives of others on the going to conceive journey.  It’s been a journey of sorrow, tears, ups and downs but the Lord kept us in the process. This website is a resource to illustrate how God's children can use their spiritual authority and power to experience the abundant life on earth. We hope that each addition to this website will bring you comfort, joy and strength to endure whatever has been chosen for you in this season. Always remember your purpose is greater than your problem and God won’t fail!

God's Power Is



God’s power is limitless therefore what you are faced with today is not an impossibility with God. According to scripture having a baby is rightfully yours. My personal journey including  trying to conceive for 7 years and 4 miscarriages. Those were some of the most challenging years of my life. I tried everying but it seemed as if everything failed. If God Almighty promised you something it will come to pass. Don’t ever give up. Each day you live you're getting closer and closer to being able to see your dream become a reality. My long-awaited miracle child was conceived naturally after being healed by the hand of God.

Our mission is to showcase to the world how couples have been overcoming infertility by faith and through prayer. Prayer is our communication channel where we can dialoge with God about our thoughts, feelings, needs, wants and cares. On this website you will find prayers for fertility, conception, miscarriage and pregnancy.  If you have been TTC then we know that it is not by accident that you were lead to the website but by divine appointment. We're looking forward to hearing your forthcoming testimony.

Pregnancy By Faith is currently seeking event sponsors, businesses and organizations that are looking to give back to a cause that effects over 1.5 million American married women.  Your contributions, donations and gifts in the following areas are needed: 


  • Infertility Services

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All inquiries, calls, emails, and consultations are confidential, unless given permission to share for educational, and inspirational purposes.

Andrea R Scott and her miracle baby boy.