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Your Mental Health

We are at a time in life where we really need to look at our mental health just as much as our physical health. There was a time in my life where I was the person that used to say “oh my goodness!!! If I hear one more person say something about “anxiety” I’m going to scream!” Well, I had to eat every last one of those words because since the beginning of the pandemic, racial tension and the overall state of our world I’ve been feeling the same feelings of anxiety and fear that I previously used to somewhat mock. A lot of us were raised in a time where mental health was taken with a grain of salt and was looked at as a sign of weakness. You were either told to go to God or you were left to figure things on your own. I do know that God is able and He certainly can deliver us from these ungodly feelings and I also believe God put people in earthy places to help with these kinds of issues. We are always supposed to take it to God in prayer but we also know that faith without works is dead and should take the necessary action needed to maintain mental health. God has placed these resources here for us to utilize and we should take full advantage. I’m here to tell you that I took advantage of the resources and I did seek help from a therapist and it has been one of the best things I could have done. Although my therapist doesn’t have all the answers she does give me the proper tools to use in maintaining my negative thoughts. I hope you were blessed by reading this and I pray that if you are going through any mental battles that you would seek God and get direction on how to proceed in maintaining your mental health.


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24 sie 2022

What Does the Word of God Say about Pregnancy Delays

I appreciate this discussion group and the women who are in various stages of their journey to start a family. When we face challenges in our lives we look to the word of God for answers and solutions from different directions it can be hard to decipher what is truth and what is error.

What influences our thought process

Our human nature likes to compare- we govern our thoughts about how soon our peers, sisters or church friends got pregnant. This causes us to (1) over-idealize what our life would have been like if we produced a child at a given moment and (2) to be blind to the day-by-day…

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