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Trust the Process

When talking about the process of healing, we need to understand that we can pray for healing but we

also need to put the work and effort into the process. The Bible tells us that “Faith without works is

dead”, this means that we may have to make some sacrifices and put certain things into action in order

to achieve the goal of being made whole in our bodies. God gives us choices and free will and it is up to

us to make wise choices that will lead to our healing. Healing may mean that you may need to eat

differently, exercise or meditate on the Word of God daily to gain direction on how to obtain healing

and in doing so this process can provide an opportunity for growth. In a world full of quick gratification,

we feel that certain processes should be expedient but what we don’t see in the background is that

going through the process builds character, resilience and patience. It is important you trust the process

or you will give up on faith and without faith it impossible to please God. Don’t give up on your healing

just because it is not happening in the timeframe you had in mind but trust God and the process so that

you can be made whole. I hope this blessed you! Stay encouraged.




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