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I Hate You Aunt Flo!!!!

I went through a 7 year journey of trying to conceive.

It included 4 miscarriages. It was the toughest season of my life . Who knew that one day God would answer my prayers. I can remember thinking that all those so called Prophet's all lied to me. Every month, I hated when Aunt Flo came to visit me. I despised her. Aunt Flo was the enemy. It gave me a headache trying to compare and contrast pregnancy symptoms vs period symptoms because they are very similar to each other. Welp, it turned out that all those prophetic people were not liars. Lol! They actually didn't miss it. It finally came to pass. Now, I have the testimony that I have always wanted to be able to share. 3 kids later, I can truly say they really were worth the wait. During that time, I looked for many resources to help me through. I know personally how it feels when you are trying to conceive. Today, I want to encourage you not to give up. I know it's hard sis and sometimes you just wish the desire would be taken away because it hurts when the two week wait is over to see aunt flo or a BFN . Your sorrow can be turned into joy. On this journey sometimes all a person needs is something to hold on to. If God gave you a promise he will fulfill it whether you believe it or not. There were many times I doubted because the wait discouraged me. The wait shook me but I had to get back grounded and get back in faith each time. My new ebook is designed to help you do just that! Get back up again and believe again. Expect again, live again and hope again!

🙏 Have there been times where you felt as if you don't know what to pray or how to pray while trying to conceive? If yes, 30 Days of Prayers While Trying to Conceive is the E-Book for you.🔥 Inside you will also find confessions and prayers that will help you in your daily life. Topics include: ✔️The two week wait ✔️fruitful fertility ✔️ prayer to conceive twins ✔️blessing the womb, ✔️ anointed deliverance prayers and a whole lot more. 👉 Click below to download these powerful prayers today! #BFP

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30 Days of Prayer While Trying to Conceive - E-Book


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