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Did You Smile Today

I heard a word today from a social media personality and wanted to share what she shared.

She posed the question of “did you find a reason to smile today”?

Written By Ebony Evans

I wanted to share this because I really had to sit and think about that question and really delve into what she was really asking. Often times we are bogged down and mixed up with our problems and troubles to the point where we are just going day to day with a “getting by” attitude instead of a “conquer the day” attitude and we definitely are not walking around smiling.

During this past year the pandemic really took a toll on my mental health like nothing I’ve experienced before. I was in constant fear, doubt and anxiety about any and everything you could think of. The reason why this word resonated with me so much is because I remember before all of this madness came into our world I always smiled and no matter what was going on I found a reason to smile but my mental health was so fragile to the point that I forgot about the happiness I felt and the happiness I would bring to others. I was always the person that could change the atmosphere to a positive “vibe” without even trying, however, I noticed that I was not bringing anything positive to the atmosphere anymore but bringing a heaviness with fear, complaining and fear.

Fast forward to today, I make it a point to make sure I’m exuding an energy of light versus darkness. Even when I am going through a struggle I make sure that I take a look at all of the positive things going on in my life which more times than not outweigh the bad. I keep my focus on what is going right instead of what can go wrong and I’m trying to remember every day to smile. I hope I encouraged you to make sure you smile every day because our situations can always be worse than what they are.

Please stay encouraged and be blessed!

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Margret Brown
Margret Brown
May 28, 2022

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