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Are We Giving the Enemy Too Much Power?

Is this true? Are we in fact giving the enemy too much of our energy? The answer (for me at least) is an astounding YES! If I can be transparent for a moment I will share that through this whole pandemic I have been a fearful nervous wreck and if you do the math you can clearly see that this would equal out to being almost a whole year of my precious God given life that I’ve wasted on living in complete turmoil, confusion, fear and uncertainty which are NOT of God. This is full proof that the enemy has had a foot hold in my life and has occupied too much space. If the enemy has no power then that means I’ve willfully given him power. In a sermon one Sunday morning, my pastor described the enemy as a lion without teeth, in saying this, he was communicating that we are not put here to fear the devil nor be defeated by his tactics. Giving into the enemy’s tactics means we are hearing his voice over our Father’s voice nor are we walking in faith and as believers we know without faith it is impossible to please God. If God says the enemy has no position in my life, why do I keep promoting him? Many times I would say “the enemy has done this or done that” or “the enemy is really doing a number on me” and in constantly saying these things not only was I giving him leeway but I was also giving all the power to run amuck. I’m now starting to realize it is not the Will of God for me to give power over to anyone and that I need to regain my power back by not giving way into those feelings of doubt and fear, In doing this I’m conveying to God that I fear the enemy more than I fear and trust in Him. When the voice of the devil becomes stronger than my Father’s I’m subjecting myself to his wiles. This has truly been a hard year for me but I’ll continue to trust in God and know that His voice is the most important thing I should be listening to. I’ve started to come to realization that I hold the power in my hands and that I have control to hold on to that power with all of my might! I have the power and victory and I will not be defeated. Although, this is still a work in progress for me I feel myself getting stronger each and every day and I have confidence that I will snatch back everything that belongs to me, I’ll take my rightful place and take back my victory. I pray my transparency blesses you on today and I hope that you will join me and start to take back your power. Stay encouraged!

Written By Ebony Evans

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