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Cryptic Pregnancies Revealed! A 2 Year Pregnancy!!!!?!!!!

Cryptic pregnancies can take more than 40 weeks and have been known to last as long as two years.

Hello, this is Lisa Hardin with this month's education moment.

Our topic is about cryptic pregnancies. If you’re wondering what a cryptic pregnancy is, in simple terms it's basically where a woman doesn't know she is pregnant. The hormone HCG is not detected in the mother’s system so a pregnancy cannot be confirmed right away.

I'm sure we have all seen or heard of the show "I didn't know I was pregnant" and probably thought "How in the world could you NOT know your pregnant?!" The symptoms, the weight gain but it's actually more common than you may think. 1 in 450 women are affected by cryptic pregnancies, where they sometimes don't find out they are expecting until 20 weeks or longer!! can u imagine being halfway thru a pregnancy until you found out?!

Most cryptic pregnancies appear with women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, like PCOS or even being on different forms of birth control. low body fat and stress can also factor into this as well!

One of the biggest questions you might be asking, like I was, is what about your periods!!?? well women who experience cryptic pregnancies still will continue to have "period like bleeding" even sometimes throughout their entire pregnancy!! so what happens is the pregnancy hormone (HCG) can never build up into the blood because of its shedding every time she bleeds. this is what will cause the pregnancy test to turn negative! interesting right? proves that our God is bigger than ANY symptom! the impossible to man can still happen!

The main symptoms associated with cryptic pregnancies are nausea, bloating, weight gain and weight loss, cramps, back, hip and leg pains, skin rashes, vision problems and heartburn just to name a few. Symptoms can change and vary for each woman and something interesting to learn is that most "symptoms" will go away during a period.

So now that we know the symptoms, you're probably wondering next how to confirm a cryptic pregnancy. Since we know a pregnancy test can't confirm this, the only method would be by using a Doppler or a finger pulse which monitors the fetal heart rate. And this would have to be done through any general practitioner.

If you think you are experiencing a cryptic pregnancy, the most important thing to do is to make a doctor appointment as soon as possible so that you and the baby can get the best and earliest care possible.

I hope everyone learned as much as I have! It was definitely interesting to know more about cryptic pregnancies because it's a subject that's not talked about a lot. I hope everyone has a Jesus filled day! Be fruitful, be blessed! Standing in agreement and Faith with everyone that this new month is a month of Miracle pregnancy announcements!!!




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