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Remaining Happily Married Through Infertility

“Remaining Happily Married Through Infertility”

The important thing is that we remain happy with our spouses through the journey of GTC (going to conceive). When we base our happiness on whether our family will grow or not it takes attention off of the family we already have, which is our husband or wife. I remember being at a point where I really didn’t feel like I could be happy unless God blessed me with my Promise, which in turn made me miserable because I was basing my happiness on something that was not ready for me to possess. I felt like I was having major tunnel vision, where it seemed almost every moment of every day was focused on trying to become pregnant. In doing this it took the lovingness and warmness out of the relationship with my husband. This made the very gift that God gave us married couples (sex) into a chore. I also remember every month that my monthly visitor would show up would be a devastating moment for me in which I began to feel worthless, it would make me feel like…. “Why even have sex if I’m not getting pregnant” and we all know this type of thinking can be a MAJOR blow to a marriage.

When in the midst of infertility, the stress can make it difficult to concentrate on a marriage making it easy to stop considering your spouse losing sight of the big picture, and the big picture is your marriage, which in turn is the foundation of your growing family. That said, it’s worth taking a step back and refocusing your energy on one another reverting back to the beginning of why you married in the first place. We must stop putting all our focus on getting pregnant and spread out some of that effort back into our marital union. The years will STILL pass as you're going through your journey so you have to make the best of your time with one another. I would urge you to get back to your happy place and start remembering those moments of happiness that brought you together so that you may cling to them to remain happy, breathe and be at peace with whatever situation you are faced with regarding your journey. We will not let infertility define our marriages nor our happiness. I hope this was a blessing to you to get back to your happiness so that you may live happily ever after. Be blessed!

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