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Help Me Make Through Today

Lord, lift every burden that comes while trying to conceive. Surround me with people, places and things that will keep me encouraged. Let me not get overwhelmed and exhausted. Remove the pressure that I have placed upon myself and lift the pressure that my family members have placed on me. In Jesus name Lord, keep me far from anxiety, stress, and confusion. I choose to lean not to my own understanding. It's you who are my help. Free me today from my past. Free me today from feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Free me from darkness that tries to rise upon me while trying to get pregnant. Break it's power, break it's ban. Lord give me a resolution! Show me everything I need to see concerning this matter. I no longer want to be puzzled about my fertility. You are a God that speaks to his Children so I expect to hear from you this week and as I LISTEN AND OBEY let me walk into my season of motherhood! Lord I believe and I have faith that I will make an announcement to my friends and family that I am with Child. I want to testify about your goodness. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen! #pregnancyprayer #fertilityprayer #pregnancybyfaith#prayerforababy #tryingtoconceive #infertility

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