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3 Trying To Conceive Must Haves

Three Must Haves for every person trying to conceive by faith and prayer. The first two books have amazing stories of healing and confessions that you can speak over yourself and the baby. They are great tools, increasing your faith, maintaining your faith and bringing your faith to a whole different level while ttc. What the authors teach are things that you can start applying right now to your current situation. Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery. Childbirth In The Glory By Janet Mills is a anointed CD which will release God's promises for conception, pregnancy, and delivery. What to Expect When You Are Expecting is a New York Times bestseller and it's read by more than 90% of pregnant women. These are my three TTC Must Haves :) Supernatural Childbirth. Click Here: Childbirth In The Glory. Click Here: What To Expect When You Are Expecting. Click Here:

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