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4 Powerful Tips For Achieving Pregnancy

There are numerous things that a woman can do to increase her chances of conceiving. Some of these things you may already be incorporating into your trying to conceive regime while others will be new additions to add to the list.

The saying is true we are what we it. Foods that we consume can significantly impact our fertility. Healthy eating habits help prepare and nourish our bodies to become the best environment for our baby. Unhealthy eating habits have the ability to allow our bodies to become breeding grounds for many different types of illnesses and diseases while healthy eating creates a more disease resistant body.

1# Blood Circulation & Fertility

Ginger- For centuries ginger has been used to treat many ailments. This powerful herb can be an effective treatment for morning sickness, menstrual cramps, the reduction of pain and inflammation, digestion, colds, heartburn, improve libido and more. In relation to fertility consuming ginger is known to increase sex drive in men and women by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. Many cultures have used ginger as an aphrodisiac, as it can be made into a tea or added to meals, such as, soups, salads and stir fry. If you are male desiring to raise your sexual performance than you’ll be glad to learn that ginger can help prevent premature ejaculation and improve the level of erection though the muscular system.

Cayenne Pepper is a great herb for the improvement of blood circulation especially since it takes only seconds to start working. When it comes to preconception and pregnancy it is vital that mothers have good circulation of blood flow so that their fetus is able to freely obtain necessary nutrients, oxygen and minerals without restrictions. One of the symptoms of poor circulation include cold hands and feet.

Maca Root Powder

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable that has grown high in the Andes Mountains for thousands of years. Incan farmers began noticing how feeding Maca root to their livestock made them stronger and healthier. In addition to that the farmers also saw that their animals had frequent pregnancies and healthier babies through consistent feeding of Maca. After that, people starting using the vegetable to increase their own chances of conceiving. Maca balances the hormones in men and women. Maca is known to be adaptogen which adapts to a variety of conditions within the person’s body to help restore it to a healthy balance. Adaptogens boosts the immune system by assisting the entire body to take on challenging and stressful situations. Maca contains no hormones it simply provides a rare set of nutrients that nourish the endocrine system, supports the adrenal glands and thyroid to support the production of vital hormones in the proper dosages determined by the bodily needs of each individual. The nutrients found in the powdered maca root can contribute to regulating metabolism and increase energy levels.

2# Exercise

Exercising regularly even just a couple times a week can be a great activity to implement to promote blood flow throughout your entire body. When a person exercises the muscles dilate and the blood flow is greater. Increased blood flow delivers more oxygenated blood to the muscles. Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise to help blood circulation. Aerobic exercise involves the breakdown of sugar with the use of oxygen. The amazing benefits of aerobic exercise are not limited to improved blood circulation but it’s known to strengthen and enlarge the heart muscle.

3# Things To Avoid While TTC

On the journey of trying to get pregnant there are things that can inhibit sperm motility.

During a woman’s fertile days there are a few things that should be avoided to increase her chances of conceiving. In order to achieve pregnancy the man’s sperm has to be able to successfully reach the egg which was released from the ovary. Researchers have discovered that when saliva was added to normal semen, it induced a “shaking movement” in sperm. They concluded that saliva had a deleterious effect on motility and activity” and should not be used as a vaginal lubricant. Saliva can act as a spermicide. The following are not recommended as vaginal lubricants when trying to conceive. They include olive oil, saliva, Vaseline, grease, baby oil and even store bought lubricants because they can greatly alter the woman natural PH inside the vagina, inhibit and slow down the sperm, and create unhealthy environment preventing the sperm from swimming freely. It is best to use a fertility lubricant such as Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus if you experience vaginal dryness during ovulation or if your cervical mucous is hostile. Fertility lubricants provide moisture allowing an easier path for sperm to swim up through the cervix and reach the egg.

4# Educate Yourself and Discover the Truth Behind Infertility

Have you been wanting to uncover the answers to infertility? If yes, the founder of The Lord’s Word on Healing Ministry, reveals and shows readers how God wants to bless the infertile with the children they desire. Veronica Anusionwu says that infertility is no obstacle with God. Learn how to allow him to bless you today!

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