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Male Infertility Treatments & His Emotional Health

Men are often embarrassed to talk about it but the truth is that women are not the only ones who deal with infertility. In order to increase a couples chances of conceiving the male has to produce healthy sperm.

There are a variety of factors can result in low sperm count, including exposure to toxins, alcohol consumption, endocrine disorders, erectile dysfunction, abnormal enlargement of the veins that drain the testicles, temperature of the testicles, large amounts of exposure to X rays, obesity and testicular injury. Excessive heat, such as, overuse of saunas contributes to having impaired sperm production. Scrotal temperature that exceeds 96 degrees has the ability to inhibit or halt sperm production.

Taking vitamins can greatly increase sperm quality and quantity. Consuming Vitamin C with bioflavonoids is important for sperm production by keeping them from clumping and making sperm more motile. The use of 200 IU daily or 400 IU every other day of Vitamin E is recommended for balancing the hormones. Vitamin C is known as the” sex vitamin” because it carries oxygen to the reproductive organs and improves sperm count. 80 mg daily of Zinc is beneficial to the functioning of the reproductive system. In cases of erectile dysfunction Green Oat extract is an excellent herb to use to address erectile dysfunction.

Having a child is a gift that can bring much joy and fulfillment to a marriage. It's team work, support, encouragement and dedication that often makes it happen. If you are a couple going through infertility then this is the time where you guys need eachother the most. The blame game and pointing the finger helps no one. That kind of behavior only brings more stress, hurt, and pain into the relationship. God had called us to love one another and bring the best out of each other. For the man that is reading this post you are not less than a man because you are dealing with this temporary case of infertility. Your problem can be reversed. Continue to love your wife and understand that she is not your enemy but your life partner, your help meet, your good thing chosen by God to journey with you on your earthly assignment. I pray that your wife would love you unconditionally and treat you with the upmost honor and respect during this process. May God look on your marriage and say well done my good and faithful servants.

Ashley Spencer is the mother of 3 boys and one girl. She states that 100% of all males who have sought help from her have conceived sucessfully. Her Male Fertility Plan provides methods designed to reverse male infertility.

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