The Ministry of Healing Demonstrated through Peter Scott & Andrea Scott

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Hi Andrea, I watched the video prayer for supernatural conception and amazingly I’m about 7 weeks pregnant now. God is good!!! Thank you so much for helping me renew my faith. I have a prayer request could you pray for my pregnancy that I don’t get preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome or any complication this time I had it with my first baby and sadly she did not make it. Thank you so much,,, Arelys

Miscarriage Bleeding Stopped. 28 years old woman named Alexis from New York reached out to me stating that she was having a miscarriage at 6 weeks. (See Picture). Alexis told me that the while I prayed she felt a heat go throughout her body and the bleeding had stopped. She began to feel real hot. Then she felt this peace come upon her. We spoke again today and she says she still is not bleeding and know that God had performed a work in her. The doctor told her to have a D&C but Alexis says she had decided to hold on. Today, I decreed over her that the next time she goes to the doctors she’ll have a new report.

Testimony of Back Pain Healed. I was at work one day and a co-work of mine was having some lower back pains. So, I asked him if I could pray for him and then he replied yes. After he said yes, I said do you believe that God can heal you? He replied “yes”. Then, I said to him, “according to your faith be it unto you.” I told my co-worker that I wanted to place my hands on his back. I began to command healing over his back, the tissues, the spin and over every area of his back in the name of Jesus Christ Yeshua The Messiah’s name. Lastly, I lifted up my hand and said” now it may not be instant but the bible says when Jesus healed them in some cases it was in that selfsame hour, so just incase you don’t feel anything right now doesn’t means God didn’t do it”. My co-work then said,” dude while you were praying I felt this tingling in my back and in my spin. He then began moving his back around with tears in his eyes and said the pain was gone. He was instantly healed right there on the spot and hasn’t had that problem ever since.

On Tuesday, December 09, 2014 the maintenance man at my job was complaining about shoulder and back pain. I ministered healing and he received instant healing and said he had no pain and felt strength.

On Tuesday, December 09, 2014 woman got prayer for migraines and fibroids. She reported feeling a heat enter her body. While looking at her face I could see that God touched her.

Peter Scott prays for woman who reported having a lump on her chest. After second or third time praying she said she felt a heat sensation coming from his hands and said the lump decreased some.

On Thursday, December 04, 2014 Christian of 12 years from the Philippines gets filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues for the first time.

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