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Healing Infertility with Herbs and Natural Methods

​Not everything is from the Devil. Sometimes we face illiness in our bodies due to poor eating habits and lack of nutrition. The bible says that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations Revelation 22:2. There are plants, fruits, leaves and herbs that promote healing and can reverse the effects of disease. I am a strong believer in natural alternatives to healing, such as, teas, vitamins, colonics, fasting, whole food supplements, and juicing.

My top 3 favorite fertility products include:

  1. Fertilitea (Click Here)

  2. FertileCm (Click Here)

  3. PreSeed (Click Here)

The three products listed above are the only one that I have personal experience using. They worked for me in the past. Hope they work successfully for you too. :)

During my ttc journey, I also came across a few products that I thought were very interesting, such as, herbal tampons. What herbal tampons? Yes, that is what I said Herbal tampons. Tampons that are soaked in an herbal solution and inserted directly into the vagina to breakup scar tissue and adhesians, unblock fallpian tubes and heal the reproductive system. There are two companies that currently provide these tampons. I have not personally tried the herbal tampons. Please conduct your own research before using any products, herbs, pills and supplement. If possible consult a Natural Healthcare Practitioner or Herbalist.

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