It's an honor to share with you my very own personal story. It is a testimony of barrenness turned into fruitfulness. A story of lost hope turned into exploding joy. I was supernaturally healed by God and he enabled me to receive the manifestation within the same month of a rhema word spoken over me on August 09, 2013. Throughout the years, I tried almost everything from natural products and supplements and then as a final last resort clomid for 3 months which failed. The natural methods worked in my efforts to conceive but they didn't prevent miscarriages in my case. To be honest with you, I would experience demonic attacks in my dreams just before a miscarriage would manifest in the physical. Throughout those years, I thought to myself at times that it might be witchcraft or it could possibly be a curse. I am a strong believer in the ministry of deliverance. Even if it was some demonic oppression holding me back, I knew that Jesus has all power over the enemy and I kept doing my part as a believer which is to only believe and put my faith into action because faith without works is dead. Yes, there were times where I felt forsaken by God and like I was being punished. He in his amazing love towards me would always speak a word of prophecy through his servants to remind, comfort and confirm to us that I and my husband would have children. Whoever you are out there, I know like me, you have tried to figure it out, you have searched for answers, a solution to remedy your problem. I want you to know that when it is time nothing can withhold what the Father has for you. He is a covenant God, a promise keeper, faithful and just. Jesus alone was my answer, he was the only thing that worked for me when doctors and medical science failed. He designed my testimony just for me. He saw how much I'd be able to bear. My past included a history of 4 very early miscarriages. Today, I can testify and say that I am completely healed. I am made whole. My past is over. Just like with me God can give you a new story. One of new beginnings. A story of life springing forth. That promise of pregnancy that he told you, he is watching over his word to perform it for you. During my pregnancy doctors are were wondering why I wasn't on bed rest or classified as having a high risk pregnancy. They were shocked when I reply with a “no” when they ask me if I was on prometrium to assist in maintaining my hormonal levels and the pregnancy. Don't give up. If he did it for me. He can do it for you. It's possible. Believe that!



Our Miracle Babies

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