Are you hurting deep down on the inside? Are you confused? Are you feeling depressed? A licensed professional Christian Counselor may be the fix you need. We recommend Amber Lucas for that role in our organization.She will listen to you, talk with you, pray with you, and pray for you all from a scriptural standpoint. She can advise you on matters that exist deep within the soul. There may be times where we question our lives and seek for a deeper meaning of it all. She's here to help you through that.

A Licensed Professional Christian Counselor May Be the Fix You Need




Amber Lucas has truly been a blessing to my life. She has taught me the true meaning and definition of godly relationships and sisterhood. I never had a biological sister but God sent this inspirational woman of faith and integrity to share some of life's most memorable moments. She has been more than a friend but a loving shoulder to lean on, a hand of help and well of comfort. There are countless aspects of her character that I admire.  I know that her wisdom, transparency and humility will be beneficial in counseling you.


Andrea Scott

Amber Lucas, M.A., LPC

M.A. in Counseling & Organizational Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor


Amber Lucas is licensed to counsel individuals, couples, and families. Amber can also consult organizations on people practices. She has a Master's Degree in Counseling and Organizational Psychology.

Amber is available by phone, email, chat and Skype. If you do not find your preferred choice of interaction with Amber here, please let us know.


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