Infertility Crusher Conference 2020 with



Lift high the name of Jesus

with worship

Issac Tarver

Friday, August 7, 2020

Radaint Sunshyne

Saturday, August 8, 2020



Minister Candace Gaines

As seen on CBN and the 700 Club Candace Gaines baby had no heartbeat for 3 weeks in the womb and made a miraculous recovery. She will be sharing her story giving insight on the journey that God led her through. Candace Gaines is an ordained minister, she started a community ministry with her husband of twenty-two
years, they facilitated counseling groups for married couples, focusing on communication skills, contemporary marital issues, and related biblical precepts.

Prophet Peter & Prophetess Andrea Scott

Andrea & Peter have been called by God to help couples who are suffering with infertility. Their ministry was birth through prayer, that was the place where God groomed them for the healing and deliverance ministry. Andrea has been blessed to witness the miracles of Christ in her personal life and ministry. God supernaturally healed Andrea from a 7 year infertility journey that included 4 miscarriages. They now have 3 boys named Josiah, Joseph and Justin.

Prophet Obed Mwansa

Prophet Obed Mwansa & Primrose Mwansa are the coordinators of Pregnancy By Faith Africa. They have faithfully served in the ministry through reaching the needs of those who needed healing, deliverance and counsel. God has used Prophet Obed to demonstrate countless miracles in the area of the fruit of the womb and more. The barren have become fertile and the sick have been healed. Most importantly he has the heart of a worshipper.

Minister James Gaddes

Minster James Gaddes and his wife have witnessed the powerful hand of God personally by God's intervention in the area of fertility. Over the last 15 years James  has been called to share the love of Jesus Christ both near and abroad, feeding the poor and helping the community in the greater Detroit area. As a minister in the gospel his goal is simple: “to effectively spread God’s joy to the nations,community, and to the heart of everyone he touches.

What's in it for you?

  • Every attendee will receive (Mysteries of The Kingdom of Heaven Revealed) Free E-book

  • Faith building teachings that will increase your faith

  • Personal/Corporate Prayer

  • You'll learn various prayer strategies

  • Biblical principals to receive your healing

  • Kingdom keys for unlocking what has been locked, hidden, and held up for years.

  • Spiritual warfare techniques

  • And sooooo much more!!!!

Making a difference

Proceeds from ticket purchases help us to provide funding to our sister ministry called Pregnancy By Faith Africa which is located in Zimbabwe. We have acquired land that we plan to build a center on to help those in need, providing services such as marriage counseling, fertility aids, food, classes, and more.



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