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New Product Launch!!! Limited Time Offer!!

The Blessed & Fruitful Fertility Conception Kit is for those believing God for the fruit of the womb. This kit contains teachings, prayers and tools designed to increase your faith to achieve pregnancy. 

Product Description

Abundantly Anointed For Pregnancy is a faith filled Booklet with pregnancy testimonies to inspire you and each chapter contains kingdom principles and strategies to equipt you on your trying to conceive journey. The information in the booklet has worked in the personal lives of Andrea and Peter Scott as well as in the lives of others who applied the teachings. 


Blessed & Fruitful Miracle Conception CD contains over 48 minutes of healing and deliverance prayers conducted by Andrea & Peter Scott and we've added 2 bonus tracks. With this power packed CD you'll feel God's presence and anointing as intercession takes place.


Anointing Oil can be used as a point of contact during prayer or deliverance. It was often used in the bible for healing.


Ovulation Tests will help you identify your fertile days to increase your chances of conceiving.


Pregnancy Tests HCG Urine Test Stick will deliver your results within 5 minutes. 25mlIU/ml

What's Inside

You Could Be Just One Revelation Away From Your Miracle! Have Your Ever Asked God Where Have I Missed It? We Believe That This Holy Spirit Inspired Kit Will...............................


- Help you develop a closer relationship with God.

- Help you identify any open doors the enemy is using to attack you.

- Show you how to maintain deliverance.

- Teach you how to apply God's word to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

- And Much More



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